Planning a corporate event that will run smoothly and achieve its objective, while meeting budget and delivering the ROI, is no small task. VFive has just what it takes. From the very first ‘ideas’ workshop, we’ll clarify the brief and help to guide the client through the process. VFive undertakes to manage the event planning from beginning to end, cutting no corners or leaving anything to chance.

Let us sweat the big and small stuff, while you just sit back and fully experience the day.


Bringing a massive number of people and information together on a platform to create connections is a daunting feat for the inexperienced. From the initial conceptualization to the final dismantling, entrust the entire project into our practiced hands.

You can feel safe knowing that every element of your stand has been designed and built by our in-house team and all are under one roof. It will be tried and tested before it leaves our factory; hence the on-site construction will be guaranteed hassle-free. The design and infrastructure are from our Professional Creative Team that will always impress and give satisfaction beyond the clients’ expectation.


The interior of your office or outlets is very much a representation of your brand. Appoint us as your ‘stylist’ to transform any interior into an accurate depiction of your company’s personality.

Projects may range from home space design, renovation, paint colors, to a detailed and comprehensive specification book generated prior to construction. Other projects may consist of architectural detailing, remodeling work, furnishing an entire home, selecting plumbing fixtures, or designing a custom furniture piece.


We know what makes a great story and what keeps your business in the news and ahead of the curve. Our tailor-made campaigns and spot-on strategy help our clients launch brands, disrupt industries and engage with the audiences that matter most.

We assist you in building brands across all social media platforms. Our specialized teams are connected to the pulse of your industry and help your brand find its voice through strategic messaging, targeted engagement, creative multimedia campaigns, optimized advertisements and spokesperson training.


Being a team of multi-disciplinary marketers, strategists, and creatives, we are able to drive your marketing campaigns via various platforms. Specialising in event marketing and advertising, we connect with your target audience through engagement and experience, with measurable results.

We’re passionate about strategic, insight-driven communications, where every marketing activity is a calculated move, delivered via brilliant creative execution.